Sunday, January 1, 2017


     Write more. Read more often. Care less about things that do not lighten my heart. Make more time for people and animals and activities that bring me joy. Things like powerful words, my animals (old and new), my amazing husband and daughter and friends.

     New Year's resolutions for a person who does not believe in resolutions. I do, however, believe in the power of goals and visualizing outcomes. Having a clear picture in my mind of what I am striving to create increases the chances that it comes to fruition.
     I'm not gonna lie, 2016 was a bitch to get through. I'm glad it's gone. Over. Done.
     2017 will be different, better, richer. See earlier stated goals. Life is too short to cling to details that weigh down our moments. From now on, I promise to take the time to breathe deeply, find the joy, and celebrate the love in life. This may mean releasing some folks, but I will leave the door unlocked in case those people choose to find happiness again at some point.
     I'm not sure yet if my goal requires more or less 'authoring', though I'm certain it involves more writing time. Spending time with young writers brings me such strength and pure joy, yet it also requires a tremendous level of insight and opening myself up to parts that are tough to revisit.
     I'm not sure yet if my goal keeps me with my current riding partner, Snickers a.k.a. Owen, but I'm hopeful. Yesterday we worked on trailer loading, standing quietly, patience. He is a good horse, with a big heart, and I promise 2017 is the year I figure out if I am the best person for him.
     I am sure of my heart's needs, and so have promised to spend more time celebrating the amazing friends I've been blessed with so far. I am sure of my spouse, and am looking forward to spending time him in our new trailer, camping and relaxing.
     I am sure there are certain things we should all do more of...
     Celebrate love.
     Embrace joy.
     Laugh often.
     Understand and accept who you are and what you need to be truly, deeply satisfied with each day we are lucky enough to live.
     Happy New Year, everyone!