Mo Rúnsearc (roon-hark) secret love

Mo Rúnsearc (roon-hark) secret love

Lulled by her maid, Aileen’s, gentle brushstrokes upon her thick auburn hair, Maebh sighed and closed her lavender eyes. Sparks crackled with each stroke, bright spots in the candlelit room. She was so relaxed, that Maebh didn’t understand what was happening as her small seaside town’s warning bells chimed. Aileen snatched her by the elbow and hastily shoved her into the small hidey spot used since she was young. After an unnecessary reminder to stay quiet, Aileen scurried to find safety elsewhere. 

Hidden in the recesses of her closet, Maebh watched through a sliver of space as a large, swarthy man moved through her doorway. Though she knew he couldn’t see her, she instinctively pulled back. All Maebh needed to do was wait silently for Aileen to retrieve her once the thieving marauders had gone. 

He stopped in front of the mirrored table where she’d so recently sat, and Maebh saw him pick up her delicate strand of unique pearls. She gasped and clutched her throat, where they usually rested. She had taken it off for bed, and in the rush hadn’t picked it up. It was all she had left of her mother, who’d died when Maebh was only three. Tears filled her eyes as she realized it would be gone. 

Instead of pocketing the treasure though, he gently laid it down. Mystified, Maebh tore her gaze away to look at the man’s face. He was staring directly at her. She closed her eyes, wishing it away, and heard heavy footfall exiting. 

Her room was empty, and Maebh thought of opening the latch, rushing out to grab her treasure, but then thumping and Aileen’s indignant screams changed her mind. 

“Ya beast!” Aileen cried as she fell into the room. 

“Where is the lass that wears this?” he demanded, shaking the pearls at Aileen. 

Maebh watched as they glared at each other: Aileen shaking in fear, the man in rage. 

Suddenly, the tension broke as Aileen drew back and sobbed, “It’s you then.” 

“Aye, tis,” he growled, white knuckles fisted at his sides. 

“She’s gone then?” he asked, knowing the answer before Aileen nodded, adding, “Some fifteen years now.”

Maebh watched the giant shrink as he whispered, “Mo Runsearc.” His eyes swept the room, landing on her hiding spot again. “And the wee lass? My Maebh?”

“The Master raised her as his own, never welched.” 

Returning the strand to Aileen, he stood tall once again, dark eyes locked on Maebh’s. “Aye, that’s as it should be.”  He turned and left. 

Maebh didn’t move until Aileen patted the floor beside her. “Come Lass, and I’ll tell you your story.”  

 *This is my Fiction 440 piece that needed to include the words: welch, lavender, pearl in a complete story (no poetry or excerpts). I'm thinking this could be a larger piece. What are your thoughts? 


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