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Savor the Quiet Moments

All I'd intended was a quick trip outside to feed the equines and maybe give Thor, the mighty barn cat, some belly rubs. Mesa was eating at the gate feeder. It was quiet inside the barn. Not silent, but quiet, as Nick devoured his soaked alfalfa pellets and old man feed. I decided to leave the big door open and pick out stalls, get things set for the next time the animals needed to be sheltered for a night. 

As I stood in Mesa's stall, shaking out the medium pine shavings, I heard gentle hoof falls in the padded aisle. Soon, Mesa's shaggy forelock was peering in at me. The giant yellow wheelbarrow was between us, but I noted an almost wide enough space for her to enter if she chose. I worried that perhaps the handles could catch her, hang up on her blanket, but rather than panic, I simply held up one hand as a 'no' to my horse. Her dark eyes watched me, seemed to take in the situation, and she simply blew out her breath and stood watching me as I continued to work i…