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GIDDY! RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED! WHOOOOO!       Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Though possibly not the most professional titling job, it certainly sums up how I am feeling at this moment. Entering my newest rough draft, Nanowrimo 2014 edition, going by They Said She Was Crazy into the Chanticleer Book Review contest on a whim, I truly never expected to hear back that I'd made the cut.

There are just too many, right?

Why would they pick mine, right?

I mean, I know when I finished it I felt that it was the best thing I'd ever written, ever, in my life, but that doesn't mean anyone else might feel it was worthy, right?

When I read the email this afternoon, I wasn't prepared to see my name on the Finalist List. (Yes, I feel the need to capitalize, as I am feeling it is a very proper, important noun at the moment.) I double checked, to be sure it wasn't like one of those clearing house spams...'see your name here' kind of a deal. But, there it was, my name, and the working …