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Haven't read Flowers for Rodney yet? Check out this review and then head to to buy your copy today!

WHEWWWW !!!!!!!!! I just finished reading this really good book called "Flowers for Rodney" by a local author (and friend of Bikers for Books), Kristine Brickey. This is a great book that covers many struggles that our youth face on a daily basis. I had some very real moments while reading this books that had me reflecting on my own life at that age.
Seems like these days, the pressures and stress are bigger and more pronounced than the 80's or 90's. Kids these days have to be a little more resourceful and brave to "just make it", anymore.
The secret's never too late to make a change, never too late to ask for help, never too late to turn yourself around, just like Rodney does in this book.
Struggles inside the home are as tough as struggles in society. I have to admit that this book had me choked up toward the end. Definitely worth…


In order to give readers an idea of what to expect with my newest novel, They Said She Was Crazy, I'll be posting reactions and feedback from some of my readers here. You can also check out reviews on my Amazon, Goodreads, and Facebook pages. Enjoy!

Marcie, WY (reprinted with permission as sent to Trina Campbell)
     I finished that book last night about 11:15. It was so touching. I can so relate in so many ways. I cried through most of it and I laughed and smiled though parts of it and the ending blew me away.      I would so recommend this book to anyone who has ever lost loved ones. I cannot thank you enough for thinking of me and sending this book to me... ...the book touched me and honestly I don't know how to explain it. Thank you

James Bowens, MI (A nonreader aside from both of my books-his police office son, Matt, was killed in the line of duty over ten years ago)
I just finished your book. (They Said She Was Crazy) It was awesome. Boy could I relate to a lot of your stor…