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Monday, July 10th

      Walking past the carriage for rent area near Jackson Square, three older men were sitting and solving the world's problems when I heard: "Yeah, she said for $20 you can relive your 1st sexual experience!"  He caught my eye, kind of embarrassed as I passed so I added, "Seems like it would be worth it!"

Tuesday, July 11th

      Leaving Envie Cafe after breakfast, the 'Ramone T-shirt guy' approached the woman at an outdoor table with two glasses of water: "Big or small...What's your pleasure?" I laughed to Janice. "I've always said, 'Go big or go home!'

     Rodrigue Studio: "My favorite painting is the one I'm working on right now." G. Rodrigue

     At St. Ursuline's Convent: "Today, the sisters hold up the past while reaching for the future."

     At Harry's Corner: (These are ALL from the amazing bartender, whose voice reminded me so much of the big, nerdy geologist from The Big Bang Theory!)
          "If God put it on a tree, they made it Vodka."
          "I was born to be a rich man's son, but it didn't work out."
          "I've had plenty of doctors who weren't smart enough to tie their shoes!"
          "The future of medicine-don't even know how to use a can opener-Just give up now!"



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