ROUGH AND READY (or not, here they come) WRITINGS FROM NOWM 2018

     Four years ago, I timidly approached my very first New Orleans trip. I still remember my trepidation, sweating in the backseat of an airport shuttle van, listening to some rather horrible women discussing 'friends' of theirs in the most uncomplimentary terms. I remember worrying that I was going to be late for the first night's events, having not realized just how long it would take the shuttle to get me to LeRichelieu, the final destination deep in the French Quarter comprised of one way streets.
     That was back in 2014, five New Orleans Writing Marathon events ago. I've only missed one year. The year my girl was stationed in Qatar and I didn't know when she was coming home. It was a horrible, awful, stressful year, and I needed to be home when the Air Force decided she could come home; so, I passed on New Orleans and my week of writing in good company.
     I was a poopy diaper the entire time, despite gifting myself with day writing trips of my own at home. It was not the same. I missed my peeps. I missed the streets of the French Quarter, freshly cleaned in the mornings and steaming hot during the days. I missed the companionship of friends, and the food, and the alcohol, and the sweaty, sticky, smelly, sensuousness of the place I had fallen in love with moments after first arriving.
     This year I arrived extra early, just to spend four days of time with a friend I made on that very first day of my very first NOWM. We have been writing outside of New Orleans, in parks and cafes, gazebos and benches, in silence and surrounded by bands and dancing.
     To keep my writing honest, and to appease some loyal 'fans', I have promised to post some of my daily writings here.
     The writings will be ROUGH.
     The writings will be REAL.
     But, they will be SHARED and hopefully appreciated.

So, please, read and feel free to comment. I am no longer afraid to throw my words out into the world before they are 'perfect' and revised and polished. Our words are powerful in all their forms and stages.
     Remember, life is too short to worry about things that simply do not matter. SHARE what you have to offer with those you love. I have never been sorry. I dare you to try it, too.


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