2019: Let the New Year Begin

A new year.

A fresh start.

The first day of 365 in 2019.

Many are making, or have already broken, resolutions. Get fit. Stop smoking. Be kind. These are not, in my mind, great resolutions, as they are things people should be doing no matter the year.

New Year resolutions remind me of the old adage: 'I'll start my diet/new goal/thing I know I don't really want to do MONDAY.' Think about the definition behind resolutions, or, the base of the word, Resolute.

          Resolute: Admirably purposeful, determined and unwavering. 

If resolutions were truly unwavering, there would be no need for repeating them.

Two years ago, my Word of the Year was Purposeful. Last year, I chose Abandon. Purposeful Abandon was my focus, the beacon that guided me through 2018. Some days I was better than others. Some of my choices went completely against my ideal of Purposeful Abandon, as I took on too many new roles, wanting to do so many things for myself and for others in my life.

It backfired. Whole heartedly overwhelmed, I found myself in a tailspin, rather freaking out, if you will. In order to regain balance, I had to step back, reassess, and ABANDON some things, with PURPOSE.

As I look back over 2018 and ahead toward what may lie in 2019, I realize many of my word choices fall in the same category.

See for yourself. Synonyms for RESOLUTE:

A friend described me as TENACIOUS in a poem last summer. She assured me she meant it in a good way. I find that there is no other way to take the word, tenacious. People often tell me I am stubborn, again, I find no offense in this description.

This year, my first full year as 'retired', I have promised to focus with more purpose on my goals as an author: marketing my two already published novels; arranging visits to schools to lead writing workshops & talk books; write, really put my whole heart and soul into the real writing of my next novel, Fuck It I'm 50; revise and send out to publishers a previously penned novel.

Purposeful. Abandon (the distractions). Tenacious.

These are my goals, my resolutions, if you will.

What are yours? What is your Word of the Year 2019?

Good luck, stay the course, and don't be afraid to jump back on the wagon when life bumps you off into the muddy trail living leaves behind on the journey.



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